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Church Altar

preparing for ministry

Weekly meetings continue to be held virtually.  Please see our EVENTS page for online and telephone Sunday Worship details. 

Sunday, 9:00am - Church School

The New Disciples Transformation Class (By appointment) - Sunday, 9am; Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm

3rd Sunday, 10:15am - Children & Teen Church

Tuesday, 1pm - Prayer & Bible Class

Tuesday, 6:30pm - Sunday School Teachers’ Meeting

Thursday, 6:30pm - Male Chorus Rehearsal

Thursday, 7:45pm - Senior Choir Rehearsal

Thursday before 1st Sunday, 7:30pm - Voices of Memorial Rehearsal

Friday before 1st Sunday, 7pm - Deacons’ Meeting

1st Saturday, 9:30am - Missionary Meeting

2nd Saturday, 10:00am - God’s Golden Gems Meeting

2nd & 4th Saturday, 2pm - Evangelism Class

2nd & 4th Sunday, 1:00pm - Dr. J P Tillman Choir Rehearsal

2nd & 4th Sunday, 2:00pm - Young Adult Choir Rehearsal

1st Sunday, 12:30pm - Senior Ushers’ Meeting

2nd Sunday, 1:00pm - Young Adult Ushers’ Meeting

3rd Sunday, 12:30pm -Deaconess Meeting 

4th Sunday, 12:30pm - Singles Ministry Meeting

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